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Massage Options

Not sure what type of massage you need?


Let us help you choose the massage that's perfect for you. We customize every massage to meet our client's needs. Browse the list of massage modalities. If you're still not sure which one is right for you, give us a call, text, or email, so we can help guide you to your perfect session.

Swedish Massage


Swedish massage is a generally relaxing massage where the therapist combines long gliding strokes and some targeted muscle release techniques in a pressure ranging from light to firm. The therapist may incorporate other massage techniques into a Swedish massage. 



Reiki is an energy-based massage. There is no muscle manipulation in Reiki. The therapist helps to cleanse the client's energy in a thoroughly relaxing session. Positive, cleansed energy can help relieve anxiety, help the body heal itself, and helps to release sadness and grief. Many clients experience a calming warmth during a Reiki session, as well gaining personal insights into their lives. 

Deep Tissue


Deep tissue is a variation of Swedish massage that utilizes a firmer pressure to get through the outer-lying muscles and down to the deeper muscle layers. The therapist can incorporate massage techniques from several different modalities into a deep tissue massage, including, but not limited to: trigger point, myofascial, and sports massage. 

Lymphatic Drainage


Lymphatic Drainage is a very gentle massage technique which targets the lymphatic system. There is no muscle manipulation in a Lymphatic Drainage massage. The therapist uses a light pressure with gentle strokes to guide excess lymph and fluids towards the lymph nodes to be carried out of the body. This is an effective massage technique for anyone experiencing fluid retention or lymphedema due to surgery,  cancer, or other medical conditions. Please discuss all conditions when making your appointment, so that we can let you know if doctor approval is needed for you to receive massage. 

Mana Lomi (Lomi Lomi)


Mana Lomi is described as bone-deep, but gentle massage. It combines compressions, stretching, and Lomi Lomi strokes to release tension and increase range of motion. It is a highly effective massage technique for anyone experiencing deep tension or pain, but does not want the intensity of deep tissue massage. 

Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage


  Prenatal/Pregnancy massage is for the expectant and new mother. This massage is done mostly side-lying, but may also include some time supine (face up), depending upon how far along the expectant mother is in her pregnancy. Prenatal/Pregnancy massage is highly effective in helping the mother's body stay relaxed and ready as it adjusts to the changes of pregnancy.  

Warm Stone Massage


  In a Warm Stone massage, the therapist utilizes heated basalt stones and Swedish massage techniques to melt through tension and relieve sore muscles in a supremely relaxing session. As with Mana Lomi, this is a great massage for someone who has deeper tension, but does not want the intensity of a deep tissue massage.